“Sage needs to think about his whole life before he rolls sound”

I grew up in a small fishing village in Alaska, and while I developed a comfort with hard work and long hours (as well as a deep admiration for self-employment and the freelance lifestyle), I did not want to kill fish for a living. 

Travel is a passion of mine and during college I moved to Ecuador for a year. I am well prepared to move around for work, having at different times lived in Thailand and Mexico, as well as having done projects in Korea, Belize, and France. I speak Spanish, can get by in French, and can fake my way through Italian.

After film school (and a degree in screenwriting), an opportunity came up to boom my friend’s ultra-low-budget Cabin in the woods horror film outside of Seattle. It was bad, and I will not show it to you, but it was fun enough to make me think I could make this my career; a few projects later I bought some equipment and started Hold For Plane Audio.

After Seattle I moved to San Francisco, and got to work on innumerous corporate projects, commercials, short films, and quite a few features (including Amazon’s “Bartlett” and A24’s “The Last Black man in San Francisco”. 

In March 2020, I moved down to LA to pursue more work in narrative. It was not good timing, but it’s finally turning around.