My Production Sound Kit  includes a 16-channel mixer+ recorder, 6 channels of wireless microphone, 2 Boom kits (shotgun, windscreen), Camera Hops, and IFBs. Access to additional equipment is available with advance notice. This Zaxcom kit integrates wireless receivers, timecode, and much more into one low profile, light unit 
that can remotely scan and control transmitters.

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PROUDLY USES Zaxcom * DPA * Schoeps * KTEK
Zaxcom Nova 16 channel Mixer + Recorder  
Zoom F8 mixer +recorder                         

Schoeps SuperCMIT2u (shotgun) 
Schoeps MiniCMIT  (shotgun) 
Schoeps CMC 6 (supercardioid, indoor)
K-tek KEG150CCR 13′ boom pole (2) 
Ambient 18′ boom pole
Microphones (Lavaliers) 
DPA 6060 (6)   * DPA 6061 (2)
DPA 4076 “madonna” mic                             
Sanken COS11D (8)

Timecode systems
Denecke TS-C Timecode Slate  
Tentacle Sync-E  (3)  
Zaxcom ERX3-TCD (3)
Wireless Systems  (5)                                                     
 Zaxcom ZMT4 (transmitter) (4)
Zaxom LA3 (transmitter) 2         
Zaxcom TRX743 (Wireless Boom)
Zaxcom Bluefin2 shark fins​

Zaxcom URX100 (hop, HQ IFB) (2)
Zaxcom URX50 (HQ IFB) (4)
Zaxcoma ERX3 IFB (timecode +audio) (3)

Microphone (other) 
Shure Beta57 * Sennheiser MD46 *Shure MV7
AKG-c411 (contact mic)​

Cannibal Industries SuperZuca Cart
RocknRolla R8 Follow Cart 
LDS-7 Battery Distribution System (3)
Liliput 7″ monitor
Vark audio car-to-car antennae relay